Friday, November 19, 2010

Early November Backcountry Powder - Freeheel Video in Colorado

Early November Backcountry Powder - Freeheel Video In Colorado

We got dumped on during the first two weeks of November, so I put together this little video of some of the powder. The telemark season is off to a great start, let's hope the snow keeps coming. All the footage is from the BC.

Day La - Telemark Powder Early November 2010 from Peter Jones on Vimeo.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Powder Days in November: Backcountry Freeheel Skiing

Powder Days In November: Backcountry Freeheel Skiing 

 Today we reached 22,000 vertical feet for backcountry skiing this year. That's 22,000 feet up and another 22,000 down. Not bad for all the vert being in the BC and on teles. What is even more incredible is that most days have been nice powder days. Like today, 3,000 vert and face shots before noon. Working on a vid, but until then here are a couple photos.

Skin track stoke! 

Tara hitting the powder! 

Deep powder in the XYZ Chutes...

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Freeheel Powder Skiing in Early November: Another Telemark Video

Freeheel Powder Skiing In Early November: Another Telemark Video

I put together a short clip of the amazing powder conditions we had on the first of November. With only 2 storms, the conditions are surprisingly good. Hopefully the storms that are supposed to roll through all next week one after the other will dump some more. Despite the good teleing, more snow to cover the rocks and grass is much needed. Hope you enjoy. Also, check out the earlier video of October freeheel powder skiing in Colorado.

November 1 - 2010 from Peter Jones on Vimeo.

Monday, November 1, 2010

White October: Video of Couple Freeheel Backcountry Days

White October: Video Of Couple Freeheel Backcountry Days In October 2010

We put together a really short clip of some shots from the last week of October. We thought we were going to end the month with no turns, but thanks to a massive storm, there was plenty of snow! Always good to start the telemark season off with some backcountry powder to feed the freeheel addiction. We got some better turns today, so I hope I can put it up soon. Enjoy! 

White October 2010 from Peter Jones on Vimeo.