Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Deadhorse Hill Climb And Brooks Adrenaline ASR 9

Deadhorse Hill Climb and Brooks Adrenaline ASR 9

The forest service has opened up a couple trails (Creekside, Spruce, Deadhorse) after closing them for a month to allow for logging and fire mitigation. Prior to the closure I was running Deadhorse a bunch because it is a nice hill climb, with ~1,700' of gain in 4.75 miles, and so I was eager to get back and run it again after some time away. My usual time for this 9.5 mile route is 1:18-1:20, and today I pulled in at 1:17:44, which is a tad bit better then before. I was surprised as my legs felt heavy from Sunday's race, but I reached the top in 44:23, which was right on my average. Glad to get back on these trails before the snow hits!

I was also wearing my new Brooks Adrenaline ASR 9 trail shoe. This is my second pair, as I got my first pair back in mid-June. When I first got these shoes, I was really somewhat hesitant that they would hold up as most of the upper is a very light, see-through, breathable mesh with minimal supporting material on the toe or sides. Designated a trail shoe, beyond the tread it looks more like a road shoe. Either way, after 2 trail ultras, 1 mountain marathon, 2 trail half marathons, and a ton of mountain runs over all kinds of terrain the shoes really held up well. Because they have minimal supporting material on the tops and sides, they do widen out a bit in the toe box, which I had to let my feet get used to as my prior shoe was an adidas supernova riot trail shoe with a much more beefy upper. However, the tread held up well and so did the mesh - I only developed one hole on each shoe right where the pinky toe sits. I'm really happy with these shoes - light, very breathable, low heel profile, well draining, and most importantly, durable.

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