Monday, December 10, 2012

Week Of December 3-9

Week of Dec. 3-9

Monday: 5 hours of telemark skiing, ~25,000'.

Tuesday: Same thing, 5 hours of telemark skiing, ~25,000'.

Wednesday: Ran the Rocky Point Loop. Tried to get out and do one more "adventure" run since the snow has been lacking. This is a fun, 11 mile loop off of Crooked Creek. The gate is closed, so you have to park at the winter gate. The entire run was on snow, so it took a bit longer, but still a nice, seldom done run. 1:49, 11 miles, 1,300' gain.

Thursday: More telemark skiing, ~25,000'.

Friday: 7 hours standing and walking. Did some cross-training in the gym, as a major storm hit and dumped around 9 inches.

Saturday: 7 hours standing and walking. Still dumping snow, so did the 15x15 run in the gym. After warming up for 15 minutes, did the 15x15 test and got 1.05 miles. Hard today, but still about the same as earlier this fall. After 15 minutes at 9:00 minute pace, did another 15x15 and only got to 1.02. Tired.

Sunday: 7 hours standing and walking. Did a nice cross-country workout in the new snow. 8 miles, 1:11, 900' gain. Went up the Leland road to Kings Creek, then back down. Then went up St. Louis for a bit. Skiing at night is pretty fun, but it is really dark and quiet in the valley, and there are some extra dark spots that have a different energy to them. I tend to ski really fast through these spots.

 The Rocky Point Loop trail with plenty of snow on it.
Looking down Crooked Creek to the Divide.


  1. Looks like you all have been getting some more regular snowfall at last. Is there enough snow yet for snowshoe activity out in the valley, or would that be all near the resort? Hope you get out for some tele - looks like you had fresh again last night!

  2. Yes, the latest snow has helped, and now the trails in the valley are pretty much good to go for snowshoe or cross-country fun. I've been out on several off of St. Louis and everything was fairly covered.