Sunday, February 17, 2013

Vert Summary

Vert Summary

Working on getting 50,000' of gain in 30 days here in the valley is quite a challenge, especially in winter. This past week was OK, with 12,000' of gain in 7 days, but since February is only 28 days, I might have to count 30 consecutive days and not calendar months. Either way, the challenge is fun.

Saturday: 2,000' gain skinning up Sleeper.
Sunday:  1,200' gain running the WP hill loop.
Monday: 2,200' gain skinning up Sleeper (plus another several thousand teleing after)
Tuesday: 2,300' gain running up Green Mountain in Boulder. This was the first time I've run up Green in a number of years, and the first time going up Gregory/Ranger. It took me 44:43 for the up at a medium pace. We came down for the day and just decided to see how this run would go. I certainly can improve my time, as there are parts where you can push hard on the flats, and knowing the trail can help for when to push on the hills. I think if I did this run a couple more times to get the trail wired and gave it a solid effort I could get this under :40 and into the :30s somewhere. It only took me another 21 minutes to go down and back to the car.
Wednesday: Nothing.
Thursday: 2,000' gain skinning up Sleeper (plus another several thousand teleing after).
Friday: 500' gain running roads.
Saturday: 2,000' gain skinning up Jane (a cat driver freaked out on us and made us leave even though the mountain is on forest service land and we are legally allowed to be up there - he had some serious pent up rage and we didn't want to push any sort of confrontation).

Overall, a decent week. The legs feel fine, and so far the vertical doesn't seem to be hurting too much. We will see after another 3 weeks of this. Need to find some more alternatives that have good gain to spice it up however.

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  1. Right at pace (just under) for 50k in 28 days actually.