Monday, June 3, 2013

Summer Change - Training Plan

Summer Change - Training Plan

So, I've mentioned over the past two posts that I had to make a radical change in my summer running and racing plans, resulting in a disastrous early ultra race. I found out last week that I was awarded a residential fellowship in sustainability studies at the University of the Virgin Islands. I will be going to the island of St. Thomas on June 26th and staying there until September 2. Although I am honored and extremely excited, it has caused a big change in my running plans and how I was going to approach the summer. I'll be on an island that is only 31 square miles - not very big for a runner! As a result, and as an outcome of my terrible race, I've come up with a training plan that I will try and execute during my stay, hoping that when I come back I will be stronger, faster, and better at certain distances. I will be at sea level, but I don't think that will take longer then two weeks to regain most of my acclimation to altitude. I've never run in any serious way before, coming from an alternative sport and climbing/mountaineering background. Last year was my first year running in any consistent or serious fashion, and although I took November - January off from running to ski, I have reapplied myself this spring. As such, I'm focused on continuing to progress while "on island" and hope that the following plan will help with that. Thoughts and feedback are always welcome.

This is a 10 day plan.

Day 1: Speed Development - 2-3 mile warmup, 8 x 150 meters (2 minute recovery), 5 x 8 second springs (2 min. recovery), 2-3 mile cool down. This workout is for neuromuscular development and to develop initial speed from the gun. To get the brain/body reaction time down.

Day 2: 8-10 mile run

Day 3: Speed Workout - 2-3 mile warmup, 4 x 400, 4 x 800, 4 x 1200, 2-3 mile cool down. A standard speed workout to learn leg turnover, proper running form, and to increase running speed and V02max.

Day 4: 8-10 mile run

Day 5: 2-3 mile warmup, hill repeats (8 x 30 secs., 8 x 1 min.), 2-3 mile cool down.

Day 6: Core workout, polymetrics, legs in the gym.

Day 7: Long run of 20+ miles or 4+ hours

Day 8: 10-15 mile run or 3 hours

Day 9: Off, swimming

Day 10: Tempo run working on pace

I'm not sure how I will pull this off "on island", but I think it is possible, I'll just have to get creative. However, hopefully this will help with my two main weaknesses right now which seem to be speed and distance. Speed from the gun and ability to keep a pace over a set distance.


  1. That looks solid. The biggest issue in returning will be climbing and altitude. Nothing you can do about the altitude so don't worry about it. Make the most of it for sure.

    And congrats on the appointment.

  2. Ugh - my comment might not have gone through?

    I think I am supposed to point to some Chinese website now, but ...

    What I said was congrats on the appointment. The altitude will be lacking of course, but what you have laid out should take care of development everywhere else. Stay away from the umbrella drinks.

  3. Thanks GZ, coming from you that gives me hope. Yep, altitude will be an issue, but I'm hoping I can get that back relatively quick, at least faster then developing speed, etc. There is the possibility of some vert, I've found some possible roads that gain 1,200' so I'm hoping I can hit those up.

    I'm thinking umbrella drinks will be key for my hydration down there ;)