Thursday, October 23, 2008

About Me

Who is the Rocky Mountain Raider? Good question. I'm a native of Colorado, and have been running, climbing, and telemark skiing in the Rocky Mountains and beyond for my entire life.

I grew up cross country skiing on the trails around Brainard Lake outside of Ward, Colorado. Now I'm a serious telemark skier who loves to haul big fat skis into the backcountry.

I've been climbing and bouldering for over 16 years - I prefer undone, obscure, no-name places and routes. The more remote, the better.

Oh ya, I'm also a big mountain trail runner. Back in 1995 I held the record for the fastest person to run all of Colorado's Fourteeners (14ners), completing the marathon run in 16 days, 13 hours, and 43 minutes. Of course, I didn't have a support crew, nor did I have multiple cars, drivers, and the like. I think it is still one of the fastest times for a solo, unsupported attempt at all of the 14ers.

I wrote a book called "Colorado Front Range Alpine Trail Running Guide" back in 2003. It is now out of print, but a few coveted copies can still be found in used bookstores.

Currently, I live in Golden with my wife, who also likes to come on mountain adventures. That is the quick and dirty. Maybe later I'll add more, but right now the mountains are calling!

You can email me at: or snail mail me:

PO Box 17712
Golden, CO 80402

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