Saturday, October 25, 2008

Don't Touch The Glass: Flagstaff Boulder Problem Goes

Flagstaff is the local bouldering gym for many a Boulder climber. With over 600 different boulder problems, the place can keep any hardman busy for some time. Traverses, link-ups, elimination problems, sit starts, and the like, Flagstaff has something for everyone. Well, almost everyone...

Although Flagstaff is great, it often gets overrun by CU students, drunk highschool kids, and noobs by early afternoon. Morning is the time to go. Quite, cold, and empty are the qualities of Flag on a good day.
Don't Touch the Glass Boulder Problem Flagstaff
The other morning I finally sent a really good project called "Don't Touch the Glass." Called V8, it is really hard to judge in terms of grades simply because it involves three moves. The first is pulling off the ground. The second is throwing for the lip. The third is sticking the lip, matching, and then pulling over. Simple right? Not so. As far as I know, it's been done 3 or 4 times: Will Lemare, Peter Beal, and Peter Jones.

Located on the backside of Nook's Rock, it is right next to Window Shopper, a V11. The Nook's area has one of the higher concentration of hard problems on Flag: Don't Touch the Glass (V8), Window Shopper (V11), Butt Slammer (V?), Valhalla (V7), Nooks Traverse (V8/9), Battaglia's Bottom (V7/8), Cryptic Magician (V7), and others.

The fall and winter months are great for climbing in the Flatirons: dry, cold, and not many people. Next up, some cool routes I found deep in Eldorado...

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