Monday, May 18, 2009

Mid-Winter Laps: Telemark Skiing Switch, Jumps, and Backcountry Video

Well, today we hit the high 80s mark on the thermometer. That means the spring snowpack is going to melt out really fast again this spring. Seems to be happening more and more: we get a good snow pack built up in March and April to only have it melt out by the end of May. Growing up I remember when it would last well into June and sometimes even into July. No worries, just means a longer season running peaks...

However, in honor (or remembrance) of this past winter, we put together another fun little telemark video of some highlights from the season. Nothing spectacular, but I think the film goes well with the sound. If nothing else, this video will keep the snow stoke going through those hot summer days to come.

It has all the usual antics: switch, 180 switch, backcountry telemarking, and some drops and jumps. Let's hope this summer is not a roaster like last year...

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