Saturday, May 23, 2009

Boulder Skyline Traverse Trail Run: All the Peaks

In another attempt to get our legs into full mountain running shape, Tara and I decided to hit the Boulder Skyline Traverse. This is perhaps one of the most classic trail running traverse routes along the Colorado front range, and will easily test the leg endurance of any avid trail runner.
Tara running the Boulder Skyline Traverse
The objective is easy: traverse all of the peaks along the Boulder skyline from Boulder Canyon to Eldorado Canyon. This includes Flagstaff, Green Mountain, Bear Mountain, and South Boulder Peak.

The method: Getting a late start (10:20ish AM), we parked the car at Chautaqua and started up the Flagstaff Trail. From the top of Flagstaff, you cruz over to Green Mountain and run up the Saddle Rock/E.M. Greenman trail to the top. From there, you drop down the west side on the Green Bear trail and pick up the Bear Peak West Ridge trail to the summit of Bear. From there, you can traverse south and over to South Boulder Peak. We opted to go back over Bear and down Fern Canyon, then run the Mesa Trail back to the car. Some like to have a second car parked at Eldorado so they don't have to make it an entire loop, but I prefer doing the entire loop.
Bear Peak lost in the distance
The scene: The day started off cold and cloudy. We thought it was going to rain; little did we know that by the end of the run it would be blue skies and sunshine. The only people we encountered were on the summit of Bear and on the way down Fern. Otherwise, it was an amazing way to see the city of Boulder and the plains beyond as you run over 5 peaks in a spectacular setting.
Boulder Skyline Traverse Trail Run
The Stats: As with most trail runs, the numbers don't do it justice. From what I can gather, the route we did is only around 12 miles and 6,000 feet of climbing. Your quads will think you did double...

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