Thursday, January 24, 2013



Ran into this fellow on this morning's tour. Didn't really seem to care about me at all. Did the same loop as yesterday, but in reverse. The knee felt better, which allowed me to take 6 minutes off my time for 2:13. I think this will go under 2 hours once I get a bit better at cross-country, but I don't know if I can ever get it as fast as running.


  1. Very nice moose spotting. WP is the only place we have ever seen them. I am slow on xc skis as well, but more due to lack of coordination than lack of practice :)

  2. Hey thanks! I seem to spot one about every month somewhere in the valley, but this guy allowed me to get close. For me, XC is really slow on the uphills. On flats with a track, I can seem to average a pace that is similar to a long slow run. Anyway, I'm sure like you, if I practiced I could get faster! Hope you are getting out on the trails and have an update soon.