Monday, January 14, 2013

Trying To Get Verticle

Trying to Get Verticle

During the winter, it is pretty hard to get big vert in here in the valley. My "standard" run only has 1,000' of vert in about ~8.5 miles. Most everything else has less vert, as the mountains are buried deep in snow and the valley is the only place to run. However, last night I came up with a super fun new hill challenge that I think any mountain runner could dig - run up Mary Jane! Yep, just run right up the damn ski hill. Last night was my first go, so still working out the kinks, but here are the basics:

Park at the base of Mary Jane.
Start your watch at the Iron Horse Lift.
Run/Speed Hike up Jane Trail to the top of the Iron Horse Life.

It is 1.4 miles and ~1,800' of vert. For my first attempt, it took me 28:41 to get to the top. That's going from 9,400' to 11,200'. Then you run right back down Jane Trail, turn around, and do it again. I did it twice and boy is it a fun workout. Going up is no problem - the run is either groomed or snow packed slopes so you don't have to worry. Going down is another story. I don't have any form of traction (yet, I just ordered some...) so I had to pick my way down on some of the steeper stuff, but otherwise, with traction, it should be no problem. I was just over 1 hour for the double round trip effort. Bringing it below 1 hour is the goal. That would give you 3,600' of gain in 2.8 miles or 7,200' total over 5.6 miles. My plan is to incorporate this run at least once a week and see if I can't lower the total time to below 1 hour. If anyone wants to join in, I am starting it Saturday nights at 5:15 pm.

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