Monday, April 8, 2013

Saxon Mountain Climb

Saxon Mountain Climb

One of the hard things about living up here in the valley is that getting a good amount of vertical in a run can be challenging during the winter. Skinning up Jane and the Pass worked well over the winter, but now that spring is here, I want to run so that I can work my lungs and quads (especially on downhills). I've been hunting around for a close-by run that would have a nice amount of vert. (most runs in the valley that are not still covered in snow only have around 1,000+ of vert.). Saxon Mountain, just over in Georgetown seems to fit the bill. Beginning at 8,500' the climb is a brutal 4.5 miles one way with 2,500' of gain. Although the run is on a 4x4 jeep road, it still simulates a quality mountain trail run because of how rocky and bouldery the road is. Beginning in Georgetown on Main Street at the Saxon Mountain sign, just head up the 4x4 road and begin the endless climb of switchbacks until you reach the top. In the summer, when the snow melts out, you can go 2 miles more and gain another 700' of vert., but right now the rest of the climb is snow free and ready to go. After last nights 8 mile tempo run, I started a bit slow but got into a good groove on the climb. There are some great views on this run, and a couple old mining cabins to check out as well. 9 miles, 2,500' of gain, 1:32 round trip.

On a side note, this was my 31 summit above 10,000' for the year. Slow start, but still solid considering I didn't really start to do anything until February.

 Looking back down at the endless switchbacks...

 Some old mining equipment...

The sign at the beginning (and parking spot)


  1. In fact, I just wore my Saxon Mountain Hill Climb race shirt the other day. There actually used to be a race up that. I did it in 2006. I am not sure when it fell off the calendar. That was in many regards my first mountain race and it completely leveled me and redefined what I thought was running.

  2. Cool, I wish that race was still going! In fact, I wish there were more of these kinds of races (like they have in Europe), but it seems there are not very many of them.

  3. Good stuff, guys, this just caught my eye on the side of GZ's blog...we stayed in G-town once when skiing at Loveland, and I only had 40 mins or so for a morning jog to the beginning of it, but then later learned that road went to the top and wished I had just gotten up earlier.
    (Also agree there seems to be less snow in that area).

    And there used to be a race up there???
    Thanks for the history lessons!

  4. Old race results ... ... and

    Looks like it folded up after 2006. From what I see what Eclectic Edge Racing is doing these days, it appears Will W headed to Oregon ... the race stopped here when he went there.