Sunday, April 21, 2013

Spring And New Local Run

Well, spring is here, and despite what Mother Nature may think, that means change. After three years in the valley, we are moving back to our home on the Front Range. Like plants in spring, growth and professional opportunities are the reasons why. With that comes a new local run - in this case it will be the trails of Apex Park. We did a test run today to see how it will all work, but we were able to find an easy way to run from our new place for a quick urban mile before getting on the trail network. Although the Apex trail only climbs 1,800' in 2.8 miles, you can accumulate more vert and miles by adding on all the other trails of the park. So the new home run will be 10.1 miles and 2,300' of vert. - I did it today in 1:44 at a pleasant pace. Over the course of the next few months I'll look to lower this run below 1:30 and beyond and use it as my standard baseline run.

Other signs of spring are starting to show themselves here in the valley... (the shoe print is size 12)


  1. Welcome back to the Front Range - sounds like you are over in "Fun with Gravity" territory, with tons of great trails out your door. Time to explore :)

  2. Thanks, we are looking forward to it; but we will miss the valley. Hope you are getting out onto the trails!