Sunday, May 5, 2013

White Ranch Loop - April Stats

White Ranch Loop - April Stats

Went out and decided to run the White Ranch loop today. Despite feeling a bit tired from Thursday's tempo run and Friday's gym session (various leg exercises, core, etc.) I wanted to get in a nice run prior to this week's taper for Saturday's race. I thought the White Ranch loop would be fun, and since my last time was a tad slow I wanted to see if I couldn't better it. I really like this loop - lots of up and down, big climbs, rocks, open meadows, shady forests. Although it was Sunday, I only saw 1 person for the entire first half, and not until coming down Mustang and Belcher did I run into other people. I ran the loop in 2:16 (total time - car to car), and still believe I can bring this time down a bit. I warmed up really slow, and not until the backside of Rawhide did I really start to push. If I go out faster from the start, I might be able to get this close to the 2 hour mark, which would be really nice.

April Stats

This year I started to keep a running log for the first time. Although I've been running for 20 years or so, I've never kept any kind of log. Now that I am dabbling in racing a bit and taken on training in a more serious manner compared to my usual summer mountain running fun, I've kept a pretty accurate log. For April my log reads:

245.8 miles
34.29 hours
44,106 feet of gain
39 summits for the year

This includes 5 rest days, and 4 days in the gym doing legs, core, etc. Not much to say since I don't have anything from last year to compare this to, other then I started running in April last year and did a total of 15 runs that month. But if I am to do anything serious with my running I can see the importance of keeping an accurate log of some kind.

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