Wednesday, February 5, 2014



A bit cold this morning. The temperature reading for Golden was -9F when I started out, which felt about right as I had to gasp for air the moment I stepped outside. The first exposure on super cold days is always a shock. Did the "Golden Triangle" run again, which seems to exploit several of my weaknesses since I feel burnt by the time I get back home. January turned out to be a decent month, despite being sick for a couple days and not running for 7 days: 238.5 miles, 47 hours, 55,400 feet of gain. 3 speed days, nine climbing/bouldering days. A bit down from December, but right where I want to be for this time of year. Really focusing this year as I have several big goals so that I enter the season ready to go, and not like last year with only two months or so of running (but lots of skiing).

 Top of South Table looking at Golden - cool little summit
 Going up Chimney Gulch looking back at South Table in the distance.
 Windy Gap looking at Clear Creek and the Divide.

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