Saturday, February 1, 2014

Snow Day

Snow Day

Well, I couldn't make it up to the Leadville Marathon with all of this new snow (side note - second time I've seen a Subie in a ditch on US 6), so I just did a fun urban run tagging the three high points from my place: Apex, South Table, Lookout. This run turned out to be a better training run than I thought because the trail sections up to each summit were power hiking slogs through powder, while the connectors were plowed bike paths that allowed for a good running pace. The alternation between running 7min pace and power slogging through snow works one of my many weaknesses.


  1. Good stuff. All of this slogging will surely pay off.

    1. It better, or we need to create a race that centers around slogging. ;) Hope you had a solid slog fest.