Monday, April 7, 2014

G & T 33 And 34

G & T 33 and 34

Been a busy couple days trying to work a bunch, cram two runs of Grays and Torreys into the schedule, and taper for Cedro Peak all at the same time. This is when the G & T challenge proves to not be the smartest idea. Cedro is on Saturday, and I work all day Tue-Thurs, so my only hope for keeping the challenge going was to do back to (almost) back climbs. On Friday's run the storm the night before dropped around 10" of new snow (according to Loveland, who is now at 400+ for the year - yeah, it is a big snow year), making for a slow, grueling slog fest of a run. To top it off, it was windy - of course! Today's outing was no better, with a nice blizzard arriving early in the morning and continuing throughout the climb. I'm guessing there was a fresh 6-8" by the time I made the round trip. Now I have four days to taper for my first 45 mile race. Sweet!

It's April 7th and I'm pretty sick of snow right now. Looking back at my logs, the snow didn't become a factor until Nov. 25th, at which point my time gained an hour. That was #15, and I have now completed #34, meaning that I have done G & T more in full winter-snow conditions then not. I am so ready for summer and for it to stop snowing!

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