Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Track, Apex-Lookout-Chimney, Fat Dog, Tie Kuanyin

Track, Apex-Lookout-Chimney, Fat Dog, Tie Kuanyin

I keep going back and forth in my mind about what to share here, how much, and if I should keep it strictly related to running/climbing or should I add other stuff. Still not sure on all of that, but I like to share cool things on FB and Twitter, so we will see.

I'm slow. That is for sure. I really want to do speed work on a regular basis, especially since I enjoy sunrise track sessions. However, after doing G & T every week, some recovery runs, usually a tempo run, and then another vertical run I just don't seem to consistently be able to get speed work in. I'm going to try and change that this spring, as I know I could greatly benefit from some consistent speed work. I'm aiming for Sunday sunrise sessions at the Bell track in Golden (if anyone ever wants to join in). Last Sunday we made it for a great workout, with 4 x 400 and 4 x 800 with 400 recovery jogs between each. My times were pathetic, as I was still tired from G & T and a North Table tempo the days before. 93, 88, 87, 88 for the 400s and 3:31, 3:29, 3:21, 3:25 for the 800s. Obviously not my area of expertise, but I'm hoping to keep at it and reap the benefits.

Old-school gravel track with no lanes or markings. I'm not sure how accurate my 400s and 800s are. I just draw a line and do a full circle, no stagger start so it might be a bit long?

Although I've only been racing for 2 years and done only a few races, there are not too many that really appeal to me. I'm not a good flat runner, so non-mountain courses don't hold a ton of interest unless they have something else going on. Hardrock is of course interesting, but I don't know about it, seems to high profile or something. On the other hand, Fat Dog 120 seems really cool, super hard, and the course goes through some wild country, which would be really cool. Just have to find a means to get there.

Fat Dog 120 from Project Talaria on Vimeo.

What are some other killer races? Devil's Backbone in Montana seems really cool as well. The Kite Lake Triple-Triple sounds awesome (signed up, hoping to get in). What are some others? In Colorado or within driving distance?

Spring is here finally, and it is nice to be able to stretch the legs out on the trails and bomb the downhills to build the quads with no worries about ice. Ran Apex to Lookout to Chimney Gulch and back to my house this morning. 13 miles and 3,000' of gain, with lots of good running sections. I'm going to try and do this a couple more times along with some other stuff in prep for Sageburner 50K in May. Two years ago that was my first race ever (of any distance, any kind), so it will be interesting to see how much I have improved since then. At least I have an idea of what I am doing now!

I really enjoy tea, and where I work I get to taste, order, purchase and be involved with some of the best and most outstanding teas in the world. I'll be posting a bit on the teas I drink for the fun of it. Yesterday I had the honor to drink a Tie kuanyin from the Muzha district in Taiwan. This was the 2013 Winter Distinction Prize winner, and it was a remarkable Oolong. I did five steepings at temps ranging from 160 to 175 using filtered water. The tea had so much complexity, and despite five steepings I was still not able to fully unlock it. This one could use several more as the leaves really didn't start to open until the 3rd steeping. Here is a video from the 2012 competition to give you an idea of the quality of these remarkable teas.

Not the best photo, but simply an amazing tea - gaiwan style.

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