Monday, June 2, 2014

G & T 41, Bergen Peak, New FKT On Hood, Bouldering

G & T 41, Bergen Peak, New FKT on Mt. Hood, Bouldering

On Friday I did my weekly run up Grays and Torreys. The weather was really unsettled that day, and it was sprinkling as I drove up. I had gotten up pretty early because I had to be at work by 1:00pm and I was not sure how slow the snow would be. There were already some storm clouds around the peaks when I started, and of the four other parties on the mountain that day, three turned around before reaching either summit due to the blackening clouds and possible torrential rain/lightning storms. The snow was really soft, as it is not freezing at night, making it necessary for me once again to use snowshoes above the summer trailhead to the big sign. The road to the summer trailhead is all melted out and runnable, but the section between the trailhead through the willows and to the big sign is a postholing nightmare unless you have some floatation. After that, it is fairly straight forward.

The following day I ran up Bergen Peak just outside of Evergreen. A fun 13 mile loop with 2,300' of gain, I wanted to see how hard of an effort I could put in following G&T. I ran the race course, and clocked 2:07 with some stops for pictures and a bit of off trail exploration near the summit. I was certainly tired by the end, but the wildflowers that are in bloom kept me going.

 I scrambled up some of this stuff near the summit.
 Pikes Peak way off in the distance.

I ran Mt. Hood way back in 1999, leaving Timberline Lodge at 10:00pm and doing a solo run under the full moon to the summit and back. I was not in the best of shape, and it took me a little over 3 hours roundtrip. I've always thought of getting back there for a solid effort, but have never found the chance. Jason Dorais recently put up a stout time on skis of 1:44:03. I don't know what the running FKT is, but 1:27:46 for the ascent is pretty good.

Shot of the Morning Watchman from my window.

Had a great bouldering session on Flagstaff the other afternoon. I hadn't been up there in a bit, but was excited to revisit the "Dark Side" and re-do all of my FAs that I put up about 10 years ago. Most are in the V2-V6 range, but they have some fun movements and this little area has a great set of boulders allowing for some peaceful climbing in the shade on hotter days.

I've also managed to get out to Morrison a couple times and work on my long-term summer project. The moves are starting to come together, but I need to stay focused and not try and link up the entire Lobby from right to left, which just pumps me out for any serious efforts.

The real climber of the area...

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