Friday, May 9, 2014

G & T 38, Track, Summer Boulder Problem

G & T 38, Track, Summer Boulder Problem

On Wednesday Kendrick and I got out for a great run up Grays and Torreys. This was my 38th running of the peaks, and perhaps one of the best in terms of weather that I have had since November. We were able to do the entire run without snowshoes - the snow on the road is all packed, and the long section between the summer trailhead and the big sign is consolidated and hard. Above the big sign it is smooth sailing. After a long, stormy, cold and often dark winter, it is so nice to be up high with spring like conditions. On the way down, Kendrick asked me if I was going to continue this challenge after #52. I don't think I could handle another winter - reflecting back it was pretty miserable.

Been getting to the track on Sunday mornings for a session of 400s and 800s. After my first session, my times were really slow. Now, after a couple times I've seen my times drop by about 3-7 seconds for the 400s and about the same for the 800s. From my understanding of how the body responds to stimulus and change, it takes about 4 consistent sessions/workouts before one will really start to see any improvement. The first time your body and muscles are simply dealing with the new stimulus. On the second time, you are still dealing with the new stimulus, but your body at least knows what to expect. By the third time, your muscles have begun to adapt to the new stimulus because it has now started to become part of your routine. The real gains come in workouts 4-8. After 8, you either need to change up the workout or do something else. I'll see this Sunday if my times continue to drop.

I've been looking for a good hard problem that I can work on this summer that is close to home. Most of the climbing that I have not done involves a drive up into the high country, which on work days I can't do. So, the hunt for something local that would be new. I think I found it this past week - Extra Otis V11. I used to climb at Morrison a bunch about 15 years ago when it was more hip, but have not been there since. Now that I live in Golden, however, it is just 5 minutes away and provides a great hard training ground. Extra Otis may not be the most aesthetically pleasing of problems, but it is hard and I haven't done it yet. Time to check it off the list.

Still looking for a race to do this month or in June. I was going to do Sageburner, but can't make it now. There is the Rocky Mountain 50K in Wyoming, but it is mostly on FS roads, which means you need to be fast, and I've been doing more vertical then speed. Anyone know of some local races that might work?


  1. Probably not the cup of tea you are looking for but as you mentioned track work, there are the BRR track races throughout the summer. The mile (or 1500) double is brutal.

    1. Thanks. Yeah, not my cup of tea, but I am intrigued. I've never raced those distances, would get creamed, but the pain level required holds some interest. ;)