Wednesday, August 6, 2014

G & T 51 And Nolans 14

G & T 51 and Nolans 14

On Monday I did my second to last run up Grays and Torreys (#51). In an effort to tapper and conserve energy, I basically just power hiked up the standard route. Nothing special on this run, just some goats on the G & T saddle. My final run to complete this epic year of running up a 14er once a week will be towards the end of next week. Depending on what happens this weekend, it might be a very slow run to complete the journey.

 Still lots of flowers in the valley.

Starting at 6pm on Thursday, August 7 I will be giving Nolans 14 a go. Kendrick Callaway will be attempting it with me. Here is my SPOT tracking page. I hope it works, if not, Kendrick also will have a SPOT with a tracking page (I think he is using David P.'s SPOT so it will be under his name). We are going North to South from Fish Hatchery. I'm super excited, and pretty sacred. I hope the mountains allow us to complete this journey.


  1. WHOA. Good luck man and take care. Be careful and have fun.

  2. Good luck on the Nolan's 14 expedition. Will be watching, especially since you're pretty sacred.