Friday, January 8, 2016

New Post All Skiing

New Post All Skiing

This winter I've gone back to my roots a bit and emphasized telemark skiing again as a way to cross-train and keep the stoke high for being in the mountains. I like that it gets me up into the thin air a couple times a week, and because I tele it is a solid workout at altitude. I am still running on work days - a couple speed sessions here and there, but mostly trying to maintain an aerobic base. Sometimes I think that I begin my ramp up and peaking too early for events that take place in August or September, so skiing seems to be a good way to stay fit without too much fatigue accumulating over the winter.

The season has been very good so far, with lots of amazing powder days to keep the smiles flowing. After last year competing in the Skyrunning Series I have been trying to figure out what to go for this year. I don't think I will do the Skyrunning Series this year since the races don't seem very exciting to me - especially the championship race in Flagstaff and then the other ones in the series, so all I have on my list is to put my hat in the San Juan Solstice lottery. Any suggestions as to must-do races within the greater Colorado area? Never Summer looks good, but I'm on the fence with it.

So, here is another photo bomb post of me getting after it so far this winter.

Messing with Photoshop.

I love floating through the air, one of the coolest feelings I've ever experienced. This is mid-rotation on a blind 180.

Dropping in on the world.

Pikes Peak from Mt. Morrison.

I did the first A-Basin Rise and Shine Skimo race. First day skinning, so I was out of shape. I also did it in the "heavy metal" division, which is waaaaay different than the skimo division. I got 2nd in my division.

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