Saturday, April 4, 2009

Colorado Backcountry Days: Telemark Video on Classic Colorado Backcountry

Well, it has been dumping again here in Colorado, so we have been up filming and getting in a few more powder days before the telemark season comes to a close (at the resorts that is; we should have a couple months still of some good spring corn skiing). In honor of all the skinning we have been doing, we put together this little video called Colorado Backcountry Days.

I think it is fairly typical in giving a flavor of the Colorado backcountry. It has it all: wind, skinning, sunny days, wind, high peaks, empty bowls, wind, and more. Utah may be known for its mid-winter backcountry, but Colorado has some of the best spring telemark skiing in the States. This is just to keep us psyched a little longer - don't put the skins away yet...

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  1. This is the resource that i'm looking for! Great to find it in your site more power to you!

  2. Hey Samuel, thanks for stopping by. Glad you enjoyed the site.