Friday, April 10, 2009

Deer Creek/Apache Canyon Bouldering in New Mexico

I'm a little back-logged on old posts, but I guess that is the way things go when you spend more time outside in the mountains then in front of a computer. However, there are still a couple of posts I need to get up on the last trip to northern New Mexico for some trail running and bouldering.
Bouldering at Apache Canyon/Deer Creek in New Mexico
While I was ostensibly in Santa Fe for a conference (the SfAAs), we still managed to find time to get out for several good bouldering sessions and a couple long trail runs. One of the best bouldering spots found close to Santa Fe is Deer Canyon. Mistakenly called Apache Canyon, this little bouldering playground reminds me of a way cooler version of Morrison. The main overhanging section has as many problems and eliminates as you can imagine. There are some power problems going straight up, or you can traverse into some sloppy fun from either the left or right.

Behind this main section rests two more massive boulders that deserve mention. The first one has a real gem on its northwest side. An angling arete problem, this one is a show stopper unless you are strong, able to squeeze open hand holds, and can keep your feet pasted. It goes at around V10.
New Mexico V10 Boulder problem
The boulder right next door also has some fun problems on it, although one of the nicer lines has two modified handholds which kinda takes away from the area. Up the hill are a couple more boulders with some undone lines, as well as up the creek. However, the main concentration are right in this one area.

This place is great in the fall when the little Deer Creek has dried up and all of the low sit-starts are open. Easy to get a full session in and tick a couple of really nice V5-V10 problems. After a good session, head back to Santa Fe for some solid New Mexican food.
Tara bouldering in Apache Canyon of New Mexico

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