Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mile Repeats In Waterton Canyon

Mile Repeats in Waterton Canyon

One of the more painful workouts I've discovered is doing mile repeats. Trying to go hard for one mile is brutal - every time I want to give up around the half mile mark. However, I also feel like this is such a solid workout that I preserver and push through. I've been doing my repeats in Waterton Canyon, since it has mile and half mile markers posted on the side of the dirt road (I'm not sure how accurate they are, they seem a bit long). I do a mile, then rest for half a mile, then go again. Six repeats in the 13 mile out-and-back. Lately I've run into Bighorn sheep on the run. Of all of the hoofed animals, Bighorn sheep and mountain goats are the one's that freak me out the most. Elk, moose, deer, etc. are no big deal, they all keep a safe distance and stay away. Bighorn sheep and mountain goats, on the other hand, just stand their ground and stare back at you, allowing plenty of time for you to realize just how big and powerful they are. Needless to say, my time on this mile was not very good.

 This guy didn't seem to be bothered by me, but then up pops his buddy, who was not too happy to see me. I took off and he actually started to chase me down the road a bit...

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