Saturday, November 2, 2013

PAC 12 Cross Country Championship - Photos

PAC 12 Cross Country Championship - Photos

After a quick jaunt up Mt. Falcon early this morning, I had the honor to attend the PAC 12 Cross Country Championships as a media person. Although I don't have the best camera (really, not even a good one) I did have access to certain sections of the course to allow for some fun photos. The races were a blast to watch, and there were a lot of big name runners out in the crowd. Below is a photo dump of some of the race.

 The men warming up....
 Go Colorado!

 And they are off!

 CU leading strong after the first lap.
 Last lap and things are starting to shake out...
 Mens winner from Oregon - second place from Stanford behind.
 First place (Edward Cheserek of Oregon) at the finish line. You can see the distance this kid had between second place...
 Second place (Jim Rosa of Standord) at the line with third and fourth (both Colorado) just behind....
 Third (Blake Theroux of Colorado) and fourth (Connor Winter of Colorado) coming home...
 Fifth (Ben Saarel of Colorado) with sixth a bit back...
 Colorado's women's team.
 And they are off!

 End of the first lap, looking strong.
 First place Aisling Cuffe of Standord for the women, with a solid lead.
 Second place (Elvin Kibet from Arizona), with third, fourth and fifth just behind.
 Third, fourth, and fifth.
 The trophies...
 Alumni Cameron Clayton was there. Talked with him a bit, really nice guy. He is excited about the North Face 50 coming up this December. Same plan as usual, going out hard from the gun. Go Cameron!
 Michael Sandrock giving the peace sign and mountain running legend Pablo Vigil
Mark Wetmore talking to the press after winning the PAC 12 Championships.


  1. What a day for a meet! Sorry I missed you!

    1. Yeah, it was pretty much perfect weather. Good times.