Sunday, December 28, 2008

Christmas Day Bouldering in the Flatirons: Above Shadow Canyon

Christmas time in Boulder can always be a little strange. Although it was dumping all week in the mountains (providing excellent telemark conditions), none of the storms made it over the Divide and onto the Front Range. This often happens during the winter. A storm will get stopped by the mountains and just sit up on the Divide, leaving us with cold temps, sunny or semi-sunny days, and a fair amount of wind.

This past week was no exception. Vail Pass and areas west got several feet of snow, while here in Boulder the snow from the week before stuck around despite the mellow conditions. On Christmas, as we had too many family obligations to get away, Tara and I hiked up to the base of Shadow Canyon to get in some climbing outside. Because of the cold temps (nights have been in the teens, days in the twenties to thirties), most of the projects I've been interested in were a no go - they are in the trees or shade and just would be to cold. However, there are walls in the Flatirons that you can climb on all year, no matter what the temps. They face south, have good exposure, are wind protected, and allow for a really fun session. The following two pictures are from Christmas Day, high up in the mini-flatirons above Shadow Canyon.
Bouldering Shadow Canyon Colorado

Shadow Canyon Bouldering in the Flatirons

Although not stellar photos, it is always a pleasure to get outside. Did anyone else get out Christmas Day? Happy Holidays to everyone.

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