Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Backcountry Telemark Skinning: Video and Trip Report

Last week Tara and I skinned up Grizzly Gulch to the southeast side of Grizzly Peak (here is a little trip report plus video from the backcountry outing). Well, we finally got around to putting the telemark footage to music and editing it. Below is a little video from that backcountry trip. As you will note, there was quite a bit of wind up high (classic Colorado conditions), and hopefully we captured it.

Today, as a way of ringing in the New Year and saying googbye to 2008, we skinned in to the base of the north side of James Peak (13,294). Again, there was some wind blowing - short gusts filled with wicked micro-snow crystals. However, just down below treeline the conditions were really pleasant, and the snow was deep and soft. Perfect for making some smooth, arching tele turns in deep powder. We got a little footage of the backcountry day, and hopefully I'll post it soon. Until then, enjoy the movie. If you want, you can also check out this other telemark video we recently did. I'd love to hear feedback...

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