Monday, December 8, 2008

San Luis Valley Bouldering: Problems Galore in Colorado and New Mexico

So I'm adding some pictures of the bouldering down in the San Luis Valley and northern New Mexico. Tara and I go here regularly - lots of good bouldering, secluded, and quality stone are all reasons to make a trip to the Valley. There are several areas that are already known, and ton more waiting to be found or developed. Some of the best places in the Valley include: Boulder City, the Breakfast Boulders, Penitente and Rock Garden area, Rock Creek, Crestone, Orient Mine Wall, Questa Dome boulders, Tres Piedras, the Beach Wall, Cerro Azul, El Rito, Red River bouldering, Hidden Gulch, and many more.
Bouldering in San Luis Valley
If you are looking for adventurous bouldering in an amazing setting, then perhaps a trip to the Valley is for you. You can climb all year, with some of the best temps occurring from October-March.
Bouldering at Tres Piedras
Types of Stone: Rhyolite, Granite, and Basalt.
Rest Day Activities: hot springs, mountain biking, trail running, artistic tours, contemplation, excellent New Mexican food.
Breakfast Boulders in South Fork, Colorado

Bouldering near Alamosa, Colorado

Monte Vista Bouldering Colorado


  1. Do you know of any summer alpine options above Crestone?

  2. I've never been to the boulders above Crestone, but from what I hear there are some nice ones. I believe the approach is very long (~4 miles). I do know of some just a few valleys north, but again, the approach is long (~3-4 miles). The granite in the Sangres gets better when you head south, and around Como Lake are some really nice boulders like at Evans.

  3. Thanks for the info Peter. This is Chris from Canon City again, I asked about Apache Canyon a while back. I'm looking forward to spending some time in the SLV this spring, particularly interested in exploring summer alternatives to the mob scenes at RMNP and Evans since my dogs, wife and I prefer (relative) solitude when we go out in the mountains. Any beta you could provide to forward the cause would be greatly valued! Maybe I'll see you out there one day. -Chris

  4. Hey Chris, I'm with you. That is why Tara and I love SLV - lots of space and no scene to be found. You might want to check out this post on alternatives to Evans and RMNP. There are more obscure areas to be found... if you know of any in your neck of the woods I'd love to hear about them. I'll keep posting some stuff and photos from the past on other hidden gems.


  5. The rock on Mt Blanca is notoriously bad, I'm surprised to see it mentioned. The SLV has blown up in the last few years as local developers have been scouring the hills for new areas, routes, and problems. Although the areas are spread out all over the foothills of the SLV, there are hundreds of new (and rediscovered) problems. This is a mecca for tuff and solitude.

    1. I agree, SLV has some great bouldering if one is seeking out "tuff and solitude." As for Blanca, the only good stone is way up near Lake Como - not really worth it unless camping up there to do the peaks.