Saturday, January 31, 2009

Granite Boulders Behind Colorado's Front Range Sandstone Uplift: Bouldering Paradise

Last week we had some really sweet weather (as I said in the last post about telemark skiing) here along the Front Range for climbing. On Monday Tara and I went up towards Micky Mouse to visit one of our old favorites. This boulder sits in a beautiful meadow and offers a wide variety of problems - most involving some crimps or high-steps (still can't get the second move to the ultra thin line on the far left of the boulder - but I finally stuck the first move!). On Wednesday, because the weather was holding out and things had melted out a little, we drove up over Flagstaff and checked out the boulders in the Gross area.

Most of the stone and climbing on the Front Range involves sandstone. I love sandstone, its features, and climbing style. However, it is always good to switch it up and get some granite in. The high country is filled with granite and geneiss, but for the last couple months most climbing has been on sandstone. Up at Gross, which lies on the backside of the Front Range sandstone uplift, sits an uplift of granite. And many fine boulders can be found in the trees or woods.
Granite Bouldering in Colorado's Front Range
The day was perfect, the sun was shining, and like a lot of Colorado winter days, against the rock it was reaching 60 degrees (the shady side had snow and stayed a cool 30). The stone up at Gross is excellent. Fun stuff, although mostly old-school in terms of climbing styles or bouldering styles these days. No big roofs or caves or talus fields to work your way out of - just fun crimpy lines.
Bouldering on Granite in Colorado's Front Range

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