Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Telemark Video Trip Report: Wolf Creek Ski Area in Southern Colorado

Late one night while under the influence of Round Midnight vibes, the plans were hatched. Our friend had a condo reserved, and there was plenty of room on the floor for people to crash. The time was right. Wolf Creek it was.

Leaving early Monday morning, things were going smoothly. The roads were clear, Summit County was dry, and views of the San Luis Valley kept us driving. News was that the Pineapple Express had been pounding the Wolf once again - even though there was no snow in northern Colorado for the past couple days.

As we drove over Poncha Pass, I knew things were going to be different. There was a ton of snow in the Valley - a rare occurrence. Once we past South Fork, the sky clouded over and it started to snow. It was full on blizzard conditions at the top of the pass. We knew the next day was going to be good. Turns out, it was better then good, it was just what the doctor ordered.

The next day, we had a classic Colorado day - bluebird sky, no to little wind, epic powder conditions, and only a few Texans and Okies to avoid.

Hard to film on such a day. Over 40 inches had fallen in the last two days. Who wants to pull out a camera and wait around when it is waist deep and there are just lines calling your name? We didn't either. Most of the footage is from day two and three - sloppy seconds but all the same, well worth the trip.


  1. Yep. You're a stud. Gorgeous footage.

    Now I know to hang back when my telemarker *friends* are motioning me over to the trail through the trees, then the hike, then the falling...

    We moved to Utah from Colorado six years ago. My husband worked in Boulder for a while - he was raised in Colorado Springs.

    Have fun becoming one with the mountain! Right on!

  2. Thanks. Yep, becoming one with the mountain is what it is all about. ;)