Sunday, January 25, 2009

Work Week Telemark Video Stoke: Switch and Steeps

After a week of really hot weather for Colorado (Denver hit 71 in January!), Ullr the snow god is back. And none too soon. Things were starting to seem a little weird. When you have a spell like last week (where I did more climbing then skiing), you have to really wonder just how close we are to experiencing some of the erratic weather associated with global climate change scientists (and avid outdoors people) have been talking about for years.

However, like I said, Ullr has graced the Rocky Mountains with another visit. Once again we are sitting pretty, the snow is falling cold and crisp, and things are looking up. Of course the avalanche danger is super high right now, so there will be no backcountry for a couple days or so (except perhaps some secret tree lines). Therefore, to help everyone get through the work week blues, Tara and I put together this little telemark video.

If you are feeling trapped at work, or just itching to get outside but can't because of that afternoon meeting, I hope this will cheer you up and get you ready to put your skins on. Keep the snow coming!

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