Friday, January 2, 2009

The Upper PB Boulders: Stellar Stone in the Colorado Flatirons

Today Tara and I hiked our way up into the upper Flatirons in search of some secluded bouldering. The Flatirons offer a plethora of excellent sandstone boulders, with literally hundreds of problems found in the various draws and gullies located outside of Boulder, Colorado. The boulders and problems found on the southern end of the Flatirons offer some of the best options: Lots of problems and boulders, not much traffic, and an ideal setting.
Upper PB Boulders, Flatirons
We hiked up past the Blue Boulders found in Benningfield's Colorado Boulderingto the PB Boulders. Partially covered in Samet and Benningfield's Colorado bouldering 2,these boulders are a gem with tall, highball lines waiting to be plucked. Many of the main features have gone once or twice, but there are still a ton of lines just waiting for the strong boulderer (or even climber for some of the taller lines) to come along and tick.
Tara on The Full Gronky Boulder
Way up at the top of the PBs is the classic Full Gronky Boulder. This boulder is a real gem, with several lines going straight up and then the stellar Full Gronky, which traverses from left to right and then up the slappy feature.
The Full Gronky Boulder Problem Top Out
Next to the Full Gronky is a really nice slappy arete problem that is also well worth doing. All in all, a stellar day on stellar stone. If the hike was not so long I'm positive this place would see more traffic and several hard lines would be established. Anyone looking for a hard highball? Then put on your hiking shoes and get huffing. The PBs are well worth it.
Full Gronky Arete Boulder Problem