Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Video Flyover of Mt. Werner Classic 50K

Video Flyover Of Mt. Werner Classic 50K

Ran a quick recovery lap this morning after Sunday's longish run. I've been reading about Bruce Fordyce and his training regime during his domination of the classic Comrades Marathon. He was a big believer in doing less, as well as doing speed work to bring up one's cruising pace during ultras. During Bruce's peak training weeks, he did a lot of two-a-days (I used to do these when training for the 14er record in '95), as well as only really two long runs (a medium-long run in the middle of the week of around 24km and a long run on the weekend of around 42-64km). All of his two-a-days are short runs, at around 8km, which were either time trials, interval sessions, or hills. Now, I'm not running like Bruce, but the reason he did a lot of these shorter, faster runs was to boost his normal pace, so that in an ultra he could keep this pace up over the entire course, as opposed to going out faster and losing time at each split thereafter. This allowed him to dominate most of the races he entered. On Sunday I tried to keep an even pace over the course of the three splits, and today I did a quick recovery run at 10K to again work on my cruising pace. It felt good, and my cruising pace on the recovery lap loop has picked up, as I did it in :55 today.

The Mt. Werner Classic 50K is coming up in 3 weeks, and since this is the first time it will be run, I made a Google Earth flyover video of the race course. I was looking to see about all of the ups and downs, to get some beta on the course layout. Looks to be a great, if not tough race. Totally different then the two other 50Ks I've run, with a long stretch on the out-and-back between aid 3 and 5, and one massive climb at the beginning (and of course, descent on the way back). I've got similar video flyovers for the North Fork and Sageburner which should be done soon. Check the video out and let me know what you think.

Mt. Werner Classic 50K from Peter Jones on Vimeo.


  1. That should be a stout 50k but you will have unbelievable scenery up there. Been on most all of those trails on bike/foot and it will be epic! You will have a blast.

  2. Yeah, especially since there is only 1 aid station between mile 8.5 and mile 23. I'm looking forward to it, although there may be more suffering then scenery viewing. ;) This is one area of the state where I have done little running (I've always tended to go south rather then north), so I'm looking forward to some new trails.