Monday, July 30, 2012

Week in Review - Taper

Week in Review - Taper

Started to taper this week for the upcoming Mt. Werner Classic 50K. This will be my third ultra race, and fifth race ever, so I am really looking forward to it. I've tried to ease up a bunch, and I don't see myself putting in more then 20 miles this week prior to Saturday's race.

Sunday: 26 miles and 5,900'
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 6K and 500'
Wednesday: 9.1 miles and 1,770'
Thursday: 12K and 1,600'
Friday: 12K and 1,600'
Saturday: 9.1 miles and 1,770'
Sunday: Rest

Total: ~62 miles and ~13,100'

Overall felt great after last Sunday's long loop run, but eased into the week as I knew I needed to rest and rebuild. The rest of the week I did easy stuff, but tried to really pick up the pace on each run. I knocked a little time off of both the 12K loop and the 9.1 mile out-and-back, which felt good. Hope everything comes together for Saturday!

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