Monday, March 10, 2014

G & T 30, The Avs Wall, And Supplements

G & T 30, The Avs Wall, and Supplements

Got up in the dark this morning for round 30. It was a bit odd to be back up high prior to the sunrise, but then when I started out, I was rewarded with some amazing early morning light. Not much change from Friday's run other then the foot of fresh that fell Friday afternoon into Saturday. It was packed on the road in to the summer trailhead, but beyond that, once again open country with no trail - postholing nightmare. I thought I might be treated to a rare wind-free day, but once I got up high, it came in strong. I ran into the residential pack of goats, who demonstrated their immunity to the wind and snow.

 Bouldering is a lot like the track in running. It is the purest form of climbing, requiring only shoes and a bit of chalk. Track, to my mind, also seems to be the (or one of) the purest forms of running - shoes and an oval is all you need. Both are "pure" also in their movements. Bouldering requires absolute technique, strength, and power to succeed. Track is the same - to go fast you must have impeccable technique, form, strength, and power. Although I only do track here and there, the analogy comes to my mind often. In celebration of the extra evening light, Tara and I made our way up to the Avs Wall problem on Dinosaur Mountain. It is hard to say, but I believe I put up the FA of this problem way back when. Coming back to it after several seasons was a nice return to a place I spent many hours meditating in the woods, listening to the sound of the wind blow through the sandstone flatirons, contemplating how to link together the blank wall. All of the moves came instantly back, and although I didn't have the strength to do the hard middle section (V10), I did link both the beginning and ending V7s. It was nice to have my bare feet touching the wet dirt as the Flickers and Woodpeckers did their spring thing in the nearby trees.

Finally, perhaps taking supplements is a scam in more ways than one. Just eat real food.

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