Tuesday, March 25, 2014

G & T 32 And Sunrise Track Sessions

G & T 32 and Sunrise Track Sessions

Another run up Grays and Torreys yesterday. Started off fairly cold, with the wind blowing up high. Not a ton of new snow from the weekend storm, but enough that above treeline through the willows the trail was all blown in and required postholing/slogging. I've gotten really good over this winter at knowing where the "packed" trail is and how to stay on it despite not being able to see it. It is almost like reading braille, as I weave my way through the willows and around the avalanche shoots of Kelso Mountain. Really windy (as usual) up high, with steady gusts pretty much the entire time.

 It only took me 32 times running by the old mining cabin on the summer road to notice this!

 It's only 2,000' if you step off from Torrey's summit to the valley floor...

This morning Tara and I got up early for a Sunrise Track Session. Haven't done many of these lately, but each time I really enjoy them. Something about running on a track in the pre-dawn hours that is really meditative. Pushing hard with almost no light, but not needing it because your footing is solid, shuts the mind down and allows one to just move. Sets of 400s and 800s to start the day off right!


  1. 32 times up G&T ... yeah, whatever. But you post a track workout pic and I am suddenly more interested. How stupid is that?

    Seriously, I have come (like many when someone makes something a habit) to expect you will get up G&T. Why would I assume that? Because you did it the last 31 weeks. It is no less amazing.

    But track ...

    1. Too funny! Seriously though, I do enjoy the early morning track workouts, I just don't do them nearly enough. Obviously I need more variety in my runs/posts... ;)