Friday, July 25, 2014

G & T 49

G & T 49

It's almost done.... My only shot this week, in between racing back to back Saturdays and work was to squeeze in a run up Grays and Torreys on Wednesday afternoon. I knew I was taking a gamble with the monsoon, but it was my only shot to keep the record going. Driving up things did not look good as there was torrential rain and flooding between Idaho Springs and Georgetown, and when I pulled into Bakerville the rain was still coming down. However, I spotted a brief window in the clouds and hoped that it would hold, as the run if you go on the standard route is fairly fast. It turned out to be the perfect run, as the rain chased away everyone else and for the first time this summer I had the entire basin and mountain to myself. People were driving down the road as I was running up, and I could tell they thought I was a tad bit crazy running up in just shorts and a light tech shirt, but I know this place so well I new I would be fine as long as the lightning held off. When I got to the summer trailhead only one car was there - a camper - and from their to the summits and back I did not encounter a single person! Really, despite the threat or getting drenched, possibly hypothermic, or hit by lightening, running during the afternoon monsoon might be the way to beat the crowds on 14ers in the summer. Three runs left...

 From the summit of Torreys - the monsoon comes in bands, so blue sky was coming my way.
 Got a photo of this helicopter flying over the G & T saddle from the top of Grays.
Back down and safe, with another band of rain building.

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