Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Baby Nystrom

Baby Nystrom

This morning I ran the Mt. Nystrom trail up past tree line to the obvious high point (called Baby Nystrom). This is a long, mellow climb of a run that switchbacks up the slopes of Mt. Nystrom from the north. Mt. Nystrom is a rarely visited peak, and coming from the north side you can expect to see zero people (Mt. Nystrom is more often climbed from the Jones Pass side or even St. Louis Pass). There is a ton of high country up here, with several possible long loop runs (you can get in over 20+ miles all above tree line). I finally got my hip belt so was able to take some pictures, but obviously I need to work on that as most of the ones I took of flowers turned out all blurry. Either way, I felt good, working on continually drinking and eating to stay hydrated and fueled. Seemed to work well, as I got back to the car and still felt fairly fresh, especially after yesterday's run. This run involves 2,872 feet of climbing, 2,872 of descending and 14.1 miles round trip. I did it today in 2:42.
 As you can see by the sign, you can connect this to Winter Park (18+ miles above treeline!) or go over to St. Louis Pass and beyond.

 Vasquez Peak is the high one on the skyline...

 Looking down into the valley and the trail...

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