Sunday, June 17, 2012

Bottle Peak - Another Day, Another Run

I seem to be addicted to running Bottle Peak these days. Today I ran it again from the Fraser research station up the secret trail and then up the regular route. This is the 3rd time I've run Bottle Peak since last week. As today is Sunday, I did this run instead of a couple other options because I knew I would not see anyone, and I didn't (except on the way down some people at the Byers trailhead). The top was really windy, and I had to hike the last bit above treeline with my head into the constant 20-30 mile wind. Still, after yesterday's 10K race, the run was great and my legs felt pretty good. It took me 2:21 today, with some stops for pictures.
 The opening trail section - hidden in the woods
 Blurry flowers in bloom
 Bottle Peak trail...

 Looking across the Valley to Longs, RMNP, and on the right, the Arapahoes and Indian Peaks
Super windy today!

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