Sunday, June 24, 2012

Watch the 2012 Olympic Track and Field Trials

Watch the 2012 Olympic Track and Field Trials

Not much going on. Fires continue to burn across the state, with haze found almost all around. I'm tapering for this weekends race, so its only small 10k outings. However, the 2012 US Olympic track and field trials are taking place, and since I don't have an expensive cable package, I have to watch them online. Turns out this is great, and a welcome thing to do with a beer on a hot evening. Here is the link to all of the events.

On another note, another new study has been published looking at the acute effect of running on knee articular cartilage and meniscus magnetic resonance relaxation times. Looks like there is an alteration in water content and collagen fiber orientation of the articular cartilage. Likewise, after 30 minutes of running the authors found greater changes in relaxation times of the medial compartment and patellofemoral joint cartilage, which indicates greater load sharing by these areas during running.

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