Monday, September 10, 2012

Picking Things Up - Hill Climbs

Picking Things Up - Hill Climbs

Feeling good after some rest from last Sunday's race, and while many of the trails in the valley are closed so the Forest Service can do some logging, several good ones are still open.

Saturday: Did my standard 15K run with 1,600' of gain in 1:19, a minute slower then my PR. Legs still felt a bit heavy and I did the run late in the day after a full day of work. Can bring this down, hopefully before the snow hits.

Sunday: Buck Creek to Corona to Secret Trail. Was scouting out a way to do a "Full James" version from Winter Park. Found a way to link up trails to the Rogers Pass trailhead with only about .5 miles of dirt road, so I think I will try this soon. Should be a big day. On this scouting trip just did 7 miles with 1,900' of gain in 1:15.

Monday: Devil's Thumb Pass Climb. Ran Devil's Thumb Pass this morning. Another good climb with 2,500' of gain in about 8 miles. Ran it in 1:34, which is a fairly good time. Might be able to bring it down some more.

A couple of photos from the runs.
 Profile of the Buck Creek to Corona to Secret Trail climb
Profile of the Devil's Thumb climb

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