Monday, September 17, 2012

Speed Ascent of Stanley Mountain

Speed Ascent of Stanley Mountain

Yesterday, before the snow hit, I did a speed ascent of Stanley Mountain (12,521'). Although not really too challenging, the run allows for one to work on their speed at high altitude with several miles of relatively flat running above 12,000'. Starting at the top of Berthoud Pass, the trail quickly ascends several hundred feet until you are up on top of a large alpine plateau. The far western end is the true summit of Stanley Mountain, while there are three lesser summits in between. Round trip, the run is only 7.5 miles, but starts at 11,300' and stays above 12,000' most of the time. It took me 1:23:37, which is a fairly fast time for the altitude, but obviously not the distance.

Today, with heavy legs I tooled around within the Idlewild trail system for a little over an hour, enjoying the fall colors and the new dusting of snow on the peaks.

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