Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Deadhorse Hill Climb

Deadhorse Hill Climb

We ran the Deadhorse Hill Climb yesterday afternoon, trying to start adding in the hills now that things are melting out. The Deadhorse loop is awesome: after climbing for 4+ miles and ~1,200 feet or so, you get some spectacular views of the valley, Byers, and the surrounding area. Coming off of the previous day's 13 miler my legs felt good, but a little heavy. This was the fourth day on in a row, trying to get ready as fast as possible for the season. The loop goes up old, closed FS roads to a high point right around 10,275 before descending back to 8,800 on a secret trail that connects with Spruce Creek for a total of around 7.5 miles. I did it in 1:18 on this attempt - I think if you are fresh and really haul, you might be able to get it under an hour. Pulled the plug on the Sage Burner 50K - will see what happens as this is my first official race.

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