Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday Run

Sunday Run

Yesterday evening we did another loop run in the valley. We started at Elk Creek and went up and over Chainsaw, then along Creekside to the Leland road. Up that, then up Fools Creek to Kings Creek. Along that and back to the Leland road and on that until Sunken Bridges and then down. A nice run on excellent trails and forest roads for a total of around 13+ miles (I give an extra because of mapping errors). I did it in 1:58 this time. A touch tired in the legs from the previous hill climb and then a biking day (which I don't do, so it hit my quads).

They are logging in the Elk Creek drainage (according to the FS map, only on Elk Creek/D2, but they have closed the entire drainage). You can hit the trails on the weekends or late in the day, but otherwise they are "closed". I have no idea for how long, nor why they need to close the entire drainage? Call the Granby Ranger district for info.

Thinking of doing Sage Burner this weekend...

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