Thursday, May 31, 2012

Mines - Flora - Mines

Mines - Flora - Mines

After two days of rest from Monday's race, we took off this morning and did Mines Peak, Flora, and then back over Mines. A fairly mellow run, still recovering as well as trying to conserve for Saturday's race. However, we really wanted to get up high, so it was today or wait until next week. We cruzed up the road to the top of Mines, then down the ridge and hooked up with the Flora trail. Tagged Flora with wind gusts at least up to 30mph and headed back. Still plenty of energy, so went back up over Mines and down. 7.65 miles and 5,126 feet elevation gain and loss. It took me 1:43 today, with plenty of time on top for photos and to enjoy the views. This really makes me think how much better I could have done if I had eaten and had food on Monday's race. Lesson doubly learned.

 Look from Mines to Flora
 Top of Flora
Looking at Grays and Torreys from Flora

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